Over recent years New Zealand has seen strong growth in retirement villages as the population of those aged in the 65+ group doubled between 1980 and 2013. It is expected to double again by 2036 and retirement villages play an important role in housing and supporting this ageing population.

At the current penetration rates, 69,000 retirees will live in retirement villages by 2036 and if rates rise as expected, that number could be as high as 83,000.

This rising population of retirees has introduced interesting, innovative and attractive business opportunities. Village design and facilities are offering real change as baby boomers enter village life and bring their very different expectations of what that retirement village and life will look like.

The retirement village and aged care industry in New Zealand are world-renowned. They play an important role and contribute to our country’s continued economic growth. New investment is driving growth and innovation, with significant opportunities in changing consumer demand and the style and continuum of care.

AgedPlus Village Business focuses on village development from planning, breaking ground, and design through to marketing strategies for sales.

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