NinJiom Herbal Candy is a product of China consumed mainly by the elderly community. Singapore-based designer, Daryl Bradley Tan has created two multipurpose package designs for NinJiom Herbal Candy, which makes consumption convenient for the elderly. Its circular shape reduces waste and allows the product to be fully utilised due to its multifunctionality.

This versatile packaging is geared towards taxi drivers. Tan has created this mechanism specifically so it can be attached to an aircon vent which ensures easy consumption from the driver.

Tan designed the NinJiom Candy Container to be an ergonomically correct dual tool which allows the arrangement of the candy to be used in the most effective way possible. It can be used to hold the candy and be used as a handle to help carry grocery bags. Furthermore, once the candy has been consumed, the container could be used to store coins.

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