From Desk to Duvet

Last year in Level 4, our team was keen to pivot. We quickly installed new software that we needed, updated our zoom skills and had zoom after zoom after zoom, talking about how to change our business model.

We were zealous, ready to reinvent ourselves; pivot was our middle name, and by God, were we resilient.

Eighteen months on, it’s a totally different picture. Like many we are ensconced in our bed offices, inertia has taken over. We are reasonably indifferent to anything other than indulging ourselves with all the food we’ve ordered in. Catching up with Dr McDreamy at 1 pm, we can’t see the end of this pandemic.

In previous lockdowns, we made an effort, got up, got dressed. I even put on lipstick. These days we turn up for our zoom meetings in PJs and chat about what we are watching or eating and if we’ve ventured outside.

Last year we all baked, banana bread was the new thing. This year it’s who can deliver baking. We have no idea what day it is, and we are not booking zooms until after 10. We’ve ordered in more food than needed for a year-long lockdown, and the height of our excitement is the knock at the door signalling yet another delivery of any essential that is deemed essential to our current bed office.

Bed sales are up, bedding sales are up, and we are working from the comfort of our bed. Now I need PJ’s that are zoom worthy – back to Google! So forget about stand up desks – the bed is the new home office, and as bedding is essential, we are going to town.

Goodbye standing desk, hello Slumberzone!

Tania Walters 
Editor AgedPlus Village Business