USA | Immersive Training Online for Greater Flexibility & Ease of Use

Photo credit: Embodied Labs Online

Embodied Labs is headquartered in Los Angeles and is the leader in immersive training for healthier ageing and is bringing greater accessibility and flexibility to its award-winning immersive experiences with the introduction of Embodied Labs Online.

Through VR experiences, those providing care can embody the perspectives and conditions of other people, gaining an understanding they can’t get from traditional training tools. These insights empower users to provide more effective care. Those providing care can embody the perspectives and conditions of other people, gaining an understanding that can’t be achieved with traditional training tools. These insights empower more effective, empathetic care for patients, customers and family members.

Team members can access the full content library remotely, enabling organisations to train larger groups without a headset, facilitator or special hardware. The browser-based platform can be used along with the VR-headset format to provide the full immersive experience that best suits an organisation’s needs.

“Embodied Labs was founded on a commitment to excellence in care,” said Carrie Shaw, founder and CEO.

“Our vision is to create an understanding of the perspectives and conditions of other people through the insights gained via immersive training. By expanding our technology offering to an online platform we are able to reach more people with our immersive experiences, building that bridge to understanding more effectively and empowering more humanistic care.”

Embodied Labs Online features a simple set-up, requiring only the sharing of a link with the learner, who can use their own device, controlling the experience with a mouse instead of a headset, and participate on their own schedule. The only requirement is a web browser. Remote or in-person groups can participate on their own or together, with real-time discussion and facilitation or shared with individuals to experience on their own.

“A key objective in creating Embodied Labs Online is to support customers in reaching learners where they are,” adds Shaw.

“The training needs that the pandemic brought to the forefront underscored our commitment to providing a range of immersive solutions so organisations can select the technology that best fits their needs.”

This is being reflected in the experiences of early users.

“I know my colleagues working with the social work students are happy that the online format makes it a lot easier to do the labs remotely,” said Patrick Lyons, Head Innovation Librarian, Temple University, Ginsburg Health Sciences Library.

“It’s a smoother experience overall for the classes.”