playgrounds for seniors

Just as it is very important for growing children to exercise, it's also important for older adults.

Fitting in fitness for seniors can be difficult including the challenges of working around illness or physical disability, but one company is pushing the boundaries by making playgrounds for the elderly. Playground Centre has a range of equipment and fitness apparatuses that are highly beneficial to an older age bracket.

The equipment includes suitable exercises that don’t cause excessive discomfort or exhaustion but are challenging enough to build and balance muscle. Accommodating the senior community through design-forward features within villages using these playgrounds encourages movement, providing activities that encourage healthy living. Exploring the uses and benefits of some of the exercise equipment that will produce a positive outcome for elderly men and women who are looking to stay healthy and strong.

Making more of the open spaces in villages by encouraging movement and exercise addresses the accessibility needs of residents, giving them the confidence to be active outdoors, which in turn helps to encourage seniors to get out and about. It also combats loneliness, which is always a concern for the senior community.