Olympics@Ryman History in the Making

Ryman Healthcare has wanted to do an Olympics for some time. Now, collaborating with Aware Group and sponsored by New Zealand and Australian Olympics, it is.

With Olympics@Ryman, Brandon Hutcheson, Aware Group's chief executive, set out to provide an enjoyable cross-Tasman event for Ryman residents while exploring the use of technology to match the actual Olympics. They developed technology solutions to connect all the 41 villages across Australia and New Zealand using artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology. Aware Group has created the opportunity for residents to have a fun and engaging event.

This pioneering tech brings together 12,500 residents across Australia and New Zealand, giving them a world-first retirement village Olympic games. Getting into the spirit of the games, residents can compete across five disciplines, lawn bowls, cycling, walking, swimming, and Quiznastics. Each activity uses technology that will allow Aware to synchronise the competitors into finals shared via Youtube.

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