NASA-Originated Health Technology Arrives in NZ

The vulnerability of those in New Zealand’s aged-care and retirement facilities has been highlighted this past year.

Leading New Zealand water solutions company, Big Blue Limited, is bringing to New Zealand ActivePure, a leading global health and hygiene technology. It uses technology originally developed by NASA, to keep the indoor air you breathe and surfaces you touch cleaner and safer.

With 24/7 protection, ActivePure can prevent infections from spreading between residents, patients, staff and visitors. By investing in ActivePure for their facilities, operators can be market leaders in an increasingly competitive industry. The only technology of its kind in the world to be tested and shown to be effective against the actual SARS-CoV-2 virus (the virus that causes COVID-19), ActivePure is already used by millions of people worldwide and is arriving in New Zealand just as we enter a new kind of ‘clean revolution'.

"After seeing the extensive testing and having the literature reviewed and accepted by leading New Zealand clinical microbiologist Dr Arthur Morris, the health benefits of bringing this tech down under for New Zealanders to place in their workplaces and homes became clear," said Big Blue managing director Paul Wiggans.

“I am the first to admit that ActivePure sounds too good to be true however everything we have seen clearly demonstrates that ActivePure will help safeguard New Zealanders from a range of viruses and bacteria, think Staph and Listeria right down to the common cold."

Dr Arthur Morris was impressed by the efficacy of the technology when combating a wide range of indoor hygiene-related issues such as infection prevention and control for hospitals, and aged care facilities.

“I am entirely satisfied that ActivePure technology is supported by high levels of efficacy and safety testing. The technology operates to provide continuous air and surface disinfection against a range of clinically important bacterial and viral pathogens.

“The reports I reviewed showed high levels of efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 in the air and on surfaces,” said Dr Morris.

Founder of Big Blue, Rob Croft, has been looking at automated hygiene technology that could be effective and affordable in both homes and businesses since 2016. Croft saw that a new model of clean was emerging in the global commercial sector which was going to play a critical part in an organisation’s commitment to the health and wellness of staff and customers.

After trialling and discarding a range of options it was during the 2020 Level 4 lockdown that Croft gained access to Cris Brunetti, the managing director of global development for ActivePure Technologies.

Croft says the connection was immediate. Brunetti has been at the forefront of health and hygiene technology for over 20 years and ActivePure was already ramping up its global manufacturing capacity to meet the huge demand for the technology.

“Getting into their schedule was hard given the scale they operate at but ‘NZ Inc.’ is a powerful brand and we were able to make it happen – they have been incredibly supportive,” said Croft.

Portable and cost-effective to run, ActivePure units can sanitise an area of up to 180m2. Simply plug it in and walk away.