Low maintenance artificial gardens and green spaces boost your site’s image and add a wow factor. Artificial lawns are capable of withstanding high levels of wear and tear and exposure to heavy rainfall, making it suitable for high-use properties.

Architects and developers value artificial turf for areas with high foot traffic or places where grass would be unaffordable to maintain. Live grass is also time-consuming for whoever is in charge of tending it. In places like Auckland with unpredictable weather conditions, artificial grass offers an easy solution.

Unreal Grass supplies and installs surfaces for a wide selection of facilities. If your property is a sea of concrete or needs more green grass, you may want to consider converting your rooftop into a relaxing roof garden or adding grass to apartment balconies.

In many cases, villages are not allowed to irrigate or are generally trying to cut down on water use. Artificial grass lets them have perfectly green grass year-round, without the regular maintenance and expenditure. As Unreal Grass contains a certified UV Defender, you don’t have to worry about discolouration due to direct sunlight.

The use of artificial grass isn’t limited to outdoor areas either, Unreal Grass carries the relevant code compliance for indoor installations and as such, artificial grasses can be used indoors just as easily for carpeting, walkways, poolsides or similar uses. Available in a variety of lengths from 12mm to 50mm.

Unreal Grass is supplied by the largest artificial grass manufacturer in the world and is code compliant and certified free of chemicals and heavy metals. For more information call 027 7744 660 or email

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