Using Technology for Good

Shot of a retired woman using a digital tablet

In many retirement villages and rest homes, technology is limited to a TV and DVD player. Isometric Solutions wants to change that.

The company, which designs, installs and manages IT and hardware for retirement villages and other facilities, attended the RVA Conference for the first time this year. The Isometric team spent the conference meeting village owners, managers, and other industry members, and learning about their needs. They are looking forward to building on those new relationships and eventually bringing some of their technology into more villages and homes.

The business has already worked with one large provider installing a cloud-based integrated intercom, door control and phone systems. This lets staff and residents use any device from a traditional handset, smartphones, iPads or laptops, to make and receive calls, and allow their visitors in.

High-tech yet simple solutions for everyday problems The Isometric team believes that technology, like wireless internet, iPads and smartphone systems, can make residents’ lives easier and help staff members do their jobs more efficiently. Wireless internet and cloud-based services let staff receive calls, check resident records and manage other parts of the job while they’re walking around the facility, using an iPad or smartphone.

Residents themselves will find it easier to contact staff or reach family members. Improved technology can also replace the old TV and DVD set-up, providing more entertainment options. It is also possible to install features like smart air-conditioning, automatic lighting and even curtains or blinds that can be opened and closed with the touch of a button, aiding residents with limited mobility.

For managers and owners, smart security systems can provide peace of mind particularly in facilities with dementia patients and other high-risk residents. Connected security features, including cameras, alarms, security gates and phone systems, help control access to facilities, making it less likely for vulnerable residents to wander and unwanted people to enter.

Designing, installing and managing software and hardware Isometric Solutions doesn’t just sell IT systems, it manages every part of the process, from designing networks to installing hardware and software to managing and troubleshooting when systems are in place.

For the team, it’s all part of helping businesses make the most of new technology.

To learn more talk to the Isometric Solutions team on 0508-825501.