ABC Business Sales is launching a new specialist business division for the sale of Aged Care Facilities throughout New Zealand.

Sue Bennett, of ABC Business Sales, has specialised in the sale of rest-homes, hospitals, dementia care units and villages throughout NZ for more than 20 years.

“The potential for growth in this specialist market is strongly linked to New Zealand’s ageing demographic trends which will continue to grow over the next two decades.”

Sue Bennett of ABC Business Sales is New Zealand’s most experienced and leading broker in the sale of aged care facilities.

“There’s unprecedented interest in purchasing,” she said.

“There’s just huge interest. I’ve never had so much.”

Bennett will lead the new Aged Care division and said her vision is to make ABC Business Sales the new market leader in this field.

“Most importantly I want ABC to become the go-to agency for anyone in this market. We’ll achieve this as a result of the expertise, knowledge and professionalism we display. Buying and
selling aged-care facilities is a very specialised process.”

Sue Bennett will be joined by Aged Care specialist Jeremy Warner Warner has more than 10 years’ financial industry experience, within the aged care sector in both New Zealand and the UK and will bring his unique skillset to what he identifies as a very high-growth industry.

“Career changes require a great deal of consideration and confidence, so having the opportunity to work alongside market leaders like ABC Business Sales and Sue Bennett was key
in my decision making.

“I’m very motivated to bring my specialist banking skillset of structuring deals into what is a niche market with specific requirements.”

Small said being able to complement Sue’s expertise and experience with Jeremy’s skills and enthusiasm was crucial to the new division’s formation.

“A further point of difference will be its ability to operate nationwide, combining the scale and resources of ABC with Sue and Jeremy’s reach and networks,” said Small.

Jeremy Warner, of ABC Business Sales, notes that the tailwinds in the Industry from an ageing population have combined with historically cheap money and a booming property market
throughout New Zealand.

“Because of this, we are seeing surging demand for facilities from both existing operators and new investors entering the market. Sellers have identified this trend and those choosing to sell
are commanding excellent returns on their investments,” he said.

Jeremy Warner & Sue Bennett