Businesses would benefit from giving the screen a break and meeting in person according to a new Nigel Latta documentary.  Tourism New Zealand worked with the well-known psychologist to explore the value of meeting face to face. 

Latta said that in 2020 how we work was disrupted radically, and New Zealanders were forced to make the most of on-line ways of doing business. 

“We asked, are there good things that can only happen where we’re actually together in the same place?” 

The documentary captured a social experiment with eight New Zealand businesspeople.  

First up, they connected online and completed a series of activities and exercises together—with all of the usual online-related blips: muted mics at the wrong time, canine distractions and connection issues (both the internet and personal). 

Next, the group gathered in person at Kauri Bay Boomrock on the outskirts of Auckland, rolling out the same exercises and comparing results. 

“We found that it is possible to do business and collaborate online, you can certainly get stuff done in spite of dogs, mute buttons and awkward etiquette,” said Latta.  

“But to go to the next level it’s pretty definitive: Greater connection, engagement, productivity and creativity can only be achieved when we get together in person."

This research shows that meeting in person has better outcomes and with many businesses finding themselves planning for future recovery meeting in person could help them find more innovative and creative solutions," said TNZ GM Domestic and Business Events Bjoern Spreitzer.

“New Zealand is an inspiring place and the business events industry is ready to help New Zealander’s bring out the best by supporting amazing in-person meetings. 

‘How We Work’ will be on TVNZ On Demand throughout 2021 alongside Nigel Latta’s series.  

Watch it here