Holiday Season can be Lonely for Residents


Two-thirds of older adults say they are experiencing social isolation and 66 percent say that their anxiety levels have increased because of the pandemic. Adding the holiday season on top of that can have a huge impact on mental health.


Older adults are even more at risk in the holiday season as their families and friends may not visit as much, or be away on holiday, often they visit a bach or holiday home and cannot take an elderly relative with them.


So, whether it is making sure that Christmas dinner has lots of reminder foods, or baking favourite treats, setting up old holiday movies, connecting the elderly with the holiday season is important.


For those with families out of reach, technology plays a role in keeping them connected. With poor vision, it is important to have big screens set up so that residents can easily see family members on a ZOOM or facetime call. Often mobile phones or tablets screens are just not big enough, but older adults are hesitant to acknowledge this problem.


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