E-Bulb – the World’s Smallest Fire Extinguisher

e bulb

The E-Bulb is a fire-extinguishing fuse. The smallest version is just two centimetres tall, as small as a typical micro fuse. This makes the E-Bulb the smallest fire extinguisher in the world.

The E-Bulb can be built into the electronics by manufacturers and protects electronic equipment from damage when it might otherwise be too late. If an electrical device develops a technical fault, the E-Bulb can detect the fire, extinguish it, and prevent it from reigniting. The E-Bulb is a new, innovative component, supporting quality-conscious manufacturers to make safe electrical devices even safer.

The areas of application for E-Bulbs are many and varied. They range from power adapters in screens (media technology) to ventilators in medical technology, and apartment or village living where a range of appliances pose a risk where there are neighbours close by.

Comparable to the aqua-stop leak protection in washing machines, the E-Bulb is part of the fire-stop system for electrical appliances.