Anti Fall Shoes in Development

fall image

One out of three people age 65 and over falls every year. Apart from the social and personal problems, these falls are a major cause of injuries and death and a tremendous cost to the health care system.

B-Shoe Technologies Ltd is focused on developing solutions to solve the huge, global and growing problem of falls by the elderly. B-Shoe's world-class Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologists, Scientists and Engineers specialise in human biomechanics and balance disorder, to guarantee original, effective and practical solutions.

Prototype balancing shoes that prevent the elderly from falling have been developed by an Israeli startup, B-Shoe Technologies Ltd who has designed the anti-fall shoes for senior citizens to prevent them from falling, which is a major cause of injuries and death for the elderly.

The B-Shoe has a motorised heel that helps to regain balance and keeps the wearer from falling down.