Healthy Crispy Pea Pod Snacks

sunny hill snacks

Innovation is putting Sunny Hill ahead of other brands in the healthy snack food category. The brand has recently launched an amazing new vegetable chip snack - Crispy Pea Pods. The new snack is made with real peas in real, whole pea pods.

The Crispy Pea Pods are designed and made with health-conscious consumers in mind, an increasingly growing market.

Not only do they taste great, but the healthier chips also retain their colour and sweetness naturally. Sunny Hill Crispy Pea Pods also have more nutritional value and contain less oil than most other snack chips, thanks to the low-temperature cooking technology used.

High in dietary fibre, rich in beta carotene and vitamin A, the pea pods are also a good source of calcium.

Sunny Hill has continued its innovative new product development since it pioneered kumara chips in 2010 and continue leading the development of new ranges of vegetable chips with its recent launch of gourmet sweet potato chips.

Crispy Pea Pods will be available at supermarkets nationwide.

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