New Research on Balanced & Nutritious Diet

protein bar

Despite living in a country where health and wellbeing are among the top 10 concerns for New Zealanders, new research released today has revealed that New Zealanders need further education on the fundamentals of eating a balanced and nutritious diet.

Kiwi-owned company, Tasti, has commissioned a study to assess how much knowledge the nation has around protein intake and probiotic benefits. It comes as the snacking favourite launches its brand-new Protein+ Probiotics bar, developed to keep consumers feeling fuller for longer.

Tasti’s Protein Project Study shows that while more than half of us have a genuine interest in meeting our daily nutritional needs (60 percent), more than three-quarters of us do not know enough about ingredient intake, such as how much protein to consume each day (78 percent).

“Protein is one ingredient that has many misconceptions. Most people incorporate an adequate amount of protein in their evening meal and think this does the trick, but the distribution of protein is important," said Registered nutritionist, Dr Mikki Williden, who helps educate New Zealanders on the nutrition required to suit their individual needs.

“Having the right amount in early meals, and/or planned snacks throughout the day is essential to meet our daily needs. This also helps prevent fluctuating blood sugars that can cause energy dips, and keep us fuller for longer – preventing a 3 pm dive into the vending machine.

“It’s great to see additional higher protein convenient options out there that make protein more available when you haven’t had the opportunity to prepare food in advance.”

Tasti has consistently been innovating in New Zealand’s snack market and was the first to introduce Protein Nut bars in 2013. The new Protein+ Probiotics bar combines carefully selected superfood ingredients with a natural source of plant-protein – leaving consumers feeling fuller for longer, as well as combining the power of probiotics to aid digestion.

Josette Prince, Managing Director of Tasti, says the latest research shows there is room to educate Kiwis on the benefits of protein and probiotics, as well as how much they should be consuming – particularly when looking at the snacking category.

“We saw a gap in the market to introduce a new bar which combines protein and probiotics in an easy on-the-go snack. This is the first time we’ve combined protein and probiotics, and we know this innovation will be beneficial to our consumers”.

The Protein+ Probiotics range is formulated with a light and crispy nut bar with wholesome ingredients and a delicious choc base. Each bar contains 25 percent plant-based protein, with a good source of fibre and carefully selected superfood ingredients.

The new range is available in three flavours including Manuka Honey + Almond, Mango + Coconut, and Red Berries.