Kellogg’s Inclusive and Accessible Packaging Design

kelloggs coco pops box for blind

Kellogg’s in the UK has launched a trial of Coco Pops boxes for blind and partially sighted people in 60 Co-op stores.

In partnership with the Royal National Institute of Blind People, the new boxes feature a UK-first technology that allows a smartphone to detect the unique on-pack code which playbacks labelling and allergen information to the user.

The trial comes after research from RNIB revealed that nine in ten blind and partially sighted people feel that information on food packaging is difficult or impossible to read.

The new NaviLens technology allows smartphones to pick up an on-pack code from up to three metres away when the shopper points their phone in the direction of the box.  The shopper can then choose to have the ingredients, allergens and recycling information read aloud to them – as well as reading it on their device using accessibility tools.

This is the first time that NaviLens has been used on food packaging and if successful, Kellogg’s hopes to adapt more of its cereal boxes to include this technology.

This trial with Kellogg’s using this technology has raised the bar in inclusive and accessible packaging design and allows shoppers with low or no vision to locate a product on the shelf and access all information about it completely independently for the very first time