A Game Changer

“Our ECF Group colleagues, Australian-based Reward Hospitality have recently entered the Care sector there,” according to Tony Broome, CEO of Burns & Ferrall.

“We were inspired by Reward and could see that our expansion into the sector here was a game-changer. As a result, we’re excited to announce Chris Bailey as our new Key Accounts Manager for the Care sector.

Onboard for several weeks now, Chris Bailey, Key Accounts Manager, is already driving easier access for her clients to a much wider suite of globally sourced, quality-benchmarked products. “My
main focus is on Consumables; packaging, hygiene and washroom, as well as tableware, and communicating with clients on their kitchen/ washroom needs,” says Bailey. Coming from a strong background in Business Development in the hygiene sector, Bailey notably worked on the Kleenex brand for Kimberley-Clark Professional.

Inspired to join the Burns & Ferrall team for its passion, agility and commitment to growth, Chris is focused on servicing the demand and growth evident in the Aged Care and Dementia sectors, with an extensive range of new products including incontinence pads through to sanitising chemicals and specific products, including cutlery, designed for people with dementia.

With her attention also on post-COVID-19 strategies, Bailey presents trusted hygiene and wellbeing ranges to help keep premises safe.

“We are committed to supporting Aged Care and Health Care facilities throughout New Zealand, assisting and supporting them in combating potential outbreaks quickly and successfully," said Bailey.

“Because I understand financial impacts, I’m keen to work with procurement teams so we can unravel what’s required to arrive at the best solution every time. We support the circular economy too, which focuses on sustainability and waste minimisation.”

According to Broome, the New Zealand care market is fragmented and the Burns & Ferrall team is keen to make a difference here.

“We want to simplify things for our customers. Currently, many providers are served by a wide range of suppliers. We are working on streamlining selection and purchasing through our “one-stop-shop” concept, so watch this space."

As well as being in a growth phase, the Care sector is also changing there is a different mindset with some aged care providers, especially in the private sector, who are looking to offer, for example, a la carte menus. Residents will be able to enter onsite restaurants and order meals from various menu selections.

"As the Innovative Heart of Hospitality, Burns & Ferrall is a natural partner and keen to play an integral role in the industry’s development," says Broome.

Burns & Ferrall is planning a strong presence at the NZACA 2020 Conference in Wellington in November this year and looks forward to meeting as many people as possible, to demonstrate the product quality, systems and processes that are available.

"Aged Care in a Pandemic World is this year’s theme so do come and say hello and discover how the Burns & Ferrall team can assist you going forward."