covid19 masks and sanitiser

The possibility of a COVID-19 Alert Level 1.5 has been floated by the director-general of health. This would mean that wearing masks and social distancing could become a part of the country’s new normal.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield believed that while the Auckland cluster has been hugely disruptive to locals’ loves, it offered an opportunity for the lower parts of the Alert Level system to be re-assessed.

“I think this outbreak will give us pause for thought on what alert level 1 looks like, and what our kind of minimum expectations of every New Zealander and for each, us of might be under that,” commented Bloomfield.

“I think we should aim to get back to life as soon as possible, but the new normal I think will include perhaps a little more physical distancing, more frequent availability and use of hand gels, possibly even use of masks in some settings. What I sense is all New Zealanders would prefer that we stayed in Alert Level 1 and would be prepared to perhaps modify what our behaviours are in that level.”

Finance Minister Grant Robinson has also confirmed that the Alert Level framework was constantly being looked at to ensure it was fit for purpose.