The team at Parkers know how important happy hour is, especially during this unique time in history. So to make sure you’re not missing out on essential delicious seven-times distilled luxury Deco City 1931 Gin and Vodka, they have a deal JUST FOR YOU!

If you order a case of Deco City 1931 Luxury Gin or Vodka we will deliver it right to your door in time for the all-important happy hour!

1 x case (6 x 1 L glass bottles) Deco City 1931 Luxury Gin: $351 (RRP $483)

1 x case (6 x 1 L glass bottles) Deco City 1931 Luxury Vodka: $276 (RRP $379.50)

Its Deco City 1931 beverage family pays homage to the 1931 earthquake which levelled most of Napier and Hastings killing 256 people. The cities were re-built in the Art Deco style which is reflected in its luxury seven-times distilled vodka and gin and in the craft beer range, which are brewed in one of Napier’s original Art Deco buildings.

For more information, and to order, visit, contact or call 020 4107 1104.

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