This groundbreaking new technology by Hydrogen Technologies helps to keep the airways open of Coronavirus victims by reducing the inflammation it causes in the lungs using its molecular hydrogen and oxygen technology. It also assists the immune system and dramatically reduces the oxidative stress in the body that if not addressed, can lead to multiple organ disfunction and failure. Struggling to keep up with the demand for the technology, the small team in Cairns, Australia is working day and night to keep up.

"We are primarily shipping to the US and Europe but even to places around the world that we didn’t even know existed until now," said Jim Wilson, co-founder of Hydrogen Technologies. "Obviously there is immense pressure in countries such as Italy, Spain and the US at the moment so this is where we are finding our biggest demand is coming from."

The technology works to increase the molecular hydrogen levels in the body of any animal, plant or human giving it wide reaching benefits and a multitude of applications throughout multiple industries. Currently in China, they are choosing to inhale it to achieve immediate results at the inflammation site, the Chinese Government has even issued a Coronavirus formal medical protocol to combine molecular hydrogen inhalation therapy with other modalities to combat Coronavirus for all cases.

"The Chinese Government protocol suggested that one of the primary points of treatment is the inhalation of Molecular Hydrogen and Oxygen gas being a 66 percent, 33 percent blend of gases which is exactly what these machines produce," said Wilson.

Hydrogen Technologies have been refining this technology for over five years and have built a machine that has the ability to be used for a variety of purposes, the innovative machine has been refined by Jim and his father in law who have a combined engineering experience of some 60 years.

“My father-in-law Kjell (pronounced “Shell”) and I have always known the remarkable and diverse benefits of hydrogen therapies for all aerobic species although it has been largely untapped until now, many countries have been leading the way and embracing the technology for human applications for quite some time. There are well over a thousand studies and papers out there from all over the world, all showing the same fundamental biological conclusions. The United States, Switzerland, Japan and many other European nations are very familiar with the benefits of this technology and they have been our biggest customers to date, many of them researching other conditions prior to the Coronavirus arrival where oxidative stress plays a major role which includes ageing, brain injury and enhancing peak performance and recovery in athletes etc," he explained.

"It is 100 percent natural and is natures own anti-oxidant which brings back metabolic balance and allows the body to work at its optimum.  Because is it 100 percent natural, some people find it hard to comprehend just how effective it is, but it is in fact, exactly the way nature intended it to be."

“We believe that this will revolutionise the health industry as we know it, and everyone on the planet stands to benefit from what this technology will bring.”

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