While there are a large number of retired and elderly who have either already received advice or have not got to the point of needing it, there is a substantial group in the middle ground requiring help.
A number seeking advice are already attending retirement village open days and pointing them in the right direction is key.
Many are not aware that the government provides just such a service called the Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) that provides a case manager from the area DHB or a home care agency.
Recommending this service by retirement villages can offer a prelude to gathering new residents if used judiciously. Although it may provide a support service for older people to remain in their homes, it does pave the way with good advice on a lot of issues for when a home stay is no longer required or practical.
And while numerous services in the home, at the end of the day it also provides assistance with moving into a permanent retirement home, along with dementia and hospital care if required.
For more information call Senior line on 0800 725 463 or visit

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