The older you get, the worse your eyesight becomes. IngenioSpec has announced a new innovation to help the elderly control their deteriorating eyesight and give them a newfound sense of independence.

The smart eyewear from IngenioSpec will include digital assistant technology, with just a single push of a button that delivers information directly to the user. This technology can give directions, keep the elderly person updated with the latest news and allow them to communicate with loved ones. The glasses also have the technology to track the health of the user and alert caregivers or emergency services if an accident has occurred.

With many seniors already wearing glasses, giving them access to the latest technology that provides additional assistance will make them feel more independent. Those who live alone or are unable to use smartphones will especially benefit from this innovation.

With a simple design that is also waterproof, IngenioSpec is easy to integrate into everyday life and ensures the user will be maximising their well-being and ability to function to their full extent.

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