Situated on the Browns Bay waterfront on Auckland’s North Shore, The Sands offers a premium option for aged care.
Private and spacious suites provide residents with a luxurious living space, and additional personalised services ensure guests are never at a loss for things to do.
Oceania Healthcare built The Sands for $60 million, and anticipate a $30 million profit margin from sales of the high-end village’s 64 apartments and 44 care or hospital-level care suites.
Apartments start at $750,000, with one upper-level beach-front apartment on offer for $2.8 million, and another independent living apartment available for $2.5 million.
Residents of The Sands buy a standard license to occupy, meaning they don’t technically own their properties, just the right to live there.
Upon reselling, buyers lose 30 percent of their capital in the form of a deferred management fee, but 70 percent is repaid on exit. Residents also pay a weekly fixed fee of $145, and must be over 70 years old to buy, or 65 years old to occupy a hospital-level care suite.The Sands has one and two-bedroom apartments, with adaptable ‘two-plus’ apartments offering a flexible third room. Each apartment is functionally designed with generous storage space and large rooms, yet quality fixtures and fittings ensure that luxury is never compromised.

Many apartments feature an ocean view looking out over Browns Bay Beach through double-glazed windows, whilst heated towel rails and a high level of soundproofing between apartments mean guests never have to experience discomfort and can truly feel at home.

With more and more people remaining active in later life, The Sands’ location in the heart of Browns Bay provides residents with an ideal location from which to engage in social activities. Nearby public transport means getting to and from shopping centres or visiting friends and family is easy, and The Sands has a car park on-site.

Residents seeking activities closer to home have plenty to choose from. An on-site cinema room complete with top-end sound system lets residents enjoy the big screen experience from the comfort of their own home in relative privacy, whilst a lounge and garden provide relaxed spaces in which to soak up the sun, sea air, and stunning views. A communal BBQ makes for an excellent entertainment space when friends or family pop by for a visit.

In the event of a fire, residents of The Sands’ apartments could theoretically stay in place for up to 90 minutes, because of the construction methods used by builders Aspec Construction. Fire-rated materials mean the spread of flames is significantly curtailed, affording less mobile residents the peace of mind in knowing that their safety is assured. All care suites are located on the ground floor, providing ease of access both for residents and 20 on-site staff.

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