Potatoes are the perfect main or side for every meal, everyday. They can be served boiled, smashed, roasted, baked or in a stew. Potatoes are great in salads, loaded as a main or made into gnocchi, chips, wedges, hashbrowns or a rosti.

Potatoes are highly nutritious. A potato contains more Vitamin C than a carrot or beetroot, which makes them great for immunity. Potatoes contain more potassium than a banana, which supports muscle function, including heart and lungs.

Did you know if you cool a cooked potato, the starch goes through a chemical change and becomes resistant starch, a fibre which supports gut-health? Even if you re-cook that cooled spud, it retains the resistant starch. A truly good carb!

Potatoes are so easy to prepare and are very versatile. Leftover potatoes, the gut-healthy kind, can easily be made into a frittata, make a welcome addition in a quiche, croquettes, colcannon or bubble & squeak, skordalia garlic potato dip, or even as an ingredient in cakes or bread.

Potatoes are very cost effective. Fresh potatoes have a comparatively lower per weight price than other vegetables and grain carbs like kumara, quinoa and couscous. Best of all, potatoes are incredibly filling, so you don’t have to serve so many per portion. As mentioned above, leftover cooked potatoes can be utilised in other dishes, meaning minimal waste.

Potatoes grow gently on the earth, with lower nitrate leach than many leafy greens. They also travel and store well. They require less water than many other product groups, so eating potatoes helps support a more sustainable imprint on the planet.

What’s more, Kiwis love potatoes. Potatoes NZ receives weekly feedback from people who are passionate about their potatoes. These people are not avoiding carbs, and certainly not avoiding potatoes.

Potatoes are local. Provenance is becoming a major consideration, as conscious Kiwi consumers demand to know the origin of the food. People are choosing to eat locally sourced foods over imported foods, which have a greater carbon footprint. Do not under estimate the growing influence of the conscious consumer.

Diners are now avoiding highly refined foods. Fresh potatoes are a natural whole food, unlike highly processed pastas. Take pride in serving New Zealand grown, fresh potatoes, that will appeal to conscious consumers and support local growers.

New Zealand potatoes are simply spuddy awesome. For recipes, inspiration and nutritional information visit www.potatoesnz.co.nz.

Gemma Carroll, Communications & Engagement Officer, Potatoes New Zealand.

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