Countdown is raising money for Alzheimer's New Zealand by selling 50,000 packs of lamingtons this July.

Alzheimer's New Zealand chief executive, Catherine Hall, said dementia was one of the biggest and most serious healthcare conditions facing New Zealand, and with an ageing population, the organisation is seeing unprecedented demand for services. “The care and support services for people living with dementia are woefully inadequate and under-funded, which means most people affected by the condition – and their care partners – are not receiving the help they need.

“What might seem like a simple act of popping a packet of lamingtons into your trolley and sharing them with a loved one actually helps us realise our vision of creating a dementia-friendly New Zealand.”

The humble raspberry or chocolate coconut-covered Kiwi icon has raised more than $150,000 for Alzheimers New Zealand in the last ten years.

Countdown’s general manager corporate affairs, safety and sustainability, Kiri Hannifin added that the appeal was a tangible way for customers to help, all while enjoying one of New Zealand’s most-loved treats.

“With 80 percent of New Zealanders affected by dementia in some way, it’s important to raise awareness of the issue and help Alzheimers New Zealand provide support to those affected. We also know New Zealanders love lamingtons, so this appeal is an easy way for our customers to support a great cause.”

Kiwis have until Friday 28 July to purchase a pack of lamingtons from Countdown for the appeal, with 20 cents from each pack donated to Alzheimers New Zealand.

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