Son of a Gunn Wows Residents at Kiri Te Kanawa Village

Jason Gunn Wows Crowd at Ryman

Best-known television presenter, Jason Gunn recently wowed the residents at Kiri Te Kanawa Village in Gisborne with his hilarious antics and clever impersonations of Paul Holmes, Frank Spencer (ooh Betty!) and Tim Shadbolt. With his wide infectious grin, the charismatic storyteller had residents’ shoulders shaking with laughter as he recalled anecdotes from his more than three decades of entertaining, and virtually child-minding a generation of New Zealand’s youngsters.

A household name in kiwi homes, if you were a child of the 90s (or the parent of one), you’d remember him presenting What Now and The Son of a Gunn show, along with his bulbous-eyed sidekick ‘Thingee’.

He’s also been a long-time radio host and has presented an extensive list of television shows including Dancing with the Stars and Wheel of Fortune. Jason loves an audience; he is the quintessential entertainer and the audience at Kiri Te Kanawa loved him!

Village sales advisor Jane Smith was thrilled with the visit. “Jason was fantastic from the moment he got to the village. His energy and his warmth delighted the residents. He had an amazing way of making them feel very special.”

He shared stories of his career in television and radio, family and ageing and afterwards enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea working his way around the room to talk to the residents.

Needing a change of direction, Jason founded a company called Easily Said, delivering online coaching (he also loves a camera!) to clients to help improve their storytelling as keynote speakers and to assist people and businesses improve their communication skills.
He also runs a production company with his wife, where he writes, directs, and produces shows and advertisements for television.

“I love comedy. I love performing. I love taking the mickey out of myself,” he said.

The residents at Kiri Te Kanawa village certainly loved you too, Jason!

Here is a link to the Kiri Te Kanawa Facebook site where you can watch the video Jason made of his trip to Gisborne: Jason's big adventure to Gisborne