Deep Cleaning – Keep Staff & Work Environments Safe, Healthy & Hygenic

Established in 2016, New Zealand-owned Clear Protect Group are an expert in Pathogen Control and Specialised Cleaning Solutions. 

“We help keep staff and work environments safe, healthy and hygienic,” explained Clear Protect Group General Manager, Jane Brown. 

The company tailors solutions to work with a business's current policy and protocols through health and safety consultancy and offers a monthly fogging program to ensure workplaces are resistant to mould, viruses and bacteria.

“From elite sportspeople to the world’s most vulnerable, we protect them all. We are also an Official Supplier to the NZ Paralympics.”

Simply put, antimicrobial protection is the control of harmful pathogens (or germs) in facilities. This includes the spread of germs within facilities and between people and staff.

“A Clear Protect program can be thought of as an invisible shield, or a “bubble of protection” over an organisation.”. 

As a technical solutions business, Clear Protect provides specialised cleaning, hygiene and antimicrobial protection services.

“We help major organisations solve problems and manage risks around hygiene, illness, contamination and outbreaks.”

Services include:

  • Antimicrobial Protection (Fogging Services)
  • Outbreak Response Services
  • Industrial Cleaning & Hygiene Services
  • Heights & Confined Spaces Work
  • Air Quality Hygiene
  • Mould Remediations
  • Drains (Fat, Oil & Grease)
  • Corporate Cleaning

When businesses work with Clear Protect Group, they get the benefit of experts in pathogen control with years of experience working across many sectors, including, but not limited to: 

  • Food Manufacturing
  • Professional Sports
  • Aged Care
  • Industrial
  • Corporate
  • Media/Film Industry
  • Education Sector

“As a result, we understand the specific needs of our customers. Not every business is the same and we tailor solutions to individual needs and requirements,” noted Brown.

“2020 has taught us all that we must future-proof against even the most unimaginable circumstances and the Clear Protect Group have been here to help during all Alert Levels right from the beginning. We create comprehensive programs encompassing both preventative and reactive responses.”

Clear Protect offer a range of specialised products that have been tested and proven to kill COVID-19. The company has a COVID-19 Response Team that can be dispatched at a moments notice, 24 hours a day. 

“Each of our COVID-19 Response Team undergoes a unique and intensive training program to secure the safety of the business environment,” Brown continued.

“Our capabilities for dealing with any actual or possible COVID-19 case with a business is second to none. Recent clients have included fast-food restaurants, food manufacturing companies, fitness and health centres and much more.”

If a business is exposed to COVID-19, they can contact the Response Team who will work with the business’ needs in the environment they are in. The Clear Protect product range utilised during a deep clean have all been tested and proven in killing COVID-19. 

A typical Deep Clean will involve manually cleaning high-risk touch-points and common surfaces utilising the Clear Protect Ultra Cleaner & Sanitiser. Following the manual clean, the company completes Antimicrobial Fogging of all areas using a Clear Protect Product that is a long-lasting Surface Sanitiser & Protectant. Both products have efficacy data showing that it is 99.99% effective against COVID-19.

“The guidelines that we follow are those that are laid out by the Ministry of Health, Cleaning Following a Confirmed or Probable Case of COVID-19.” 

With over six years of experience within the Antimicrobial Protection Industry. Clear Protect Group understands each business has its own needs and faces its own problems. 

"We work with the customer to understand their risks and develop a “Clear Protect Program” that is specific to that business,” concluded Brown. 

“At Clear Protect Group we know “Getting back to Normal” is going to look quite different for businesses and a selection of highly effective products and services will be required to live with and manage the ongoing risk from COVID-19 and any of the variants that hit our shores.”