Senior Tech Vital in Lockdowns

senior tech

Technology has come a long way over the last couple of decades and the internet has opened up many opportunities particularly for older adults.

It has made life easier, from online shopping, learning, and banking to name a few. Older people are being encouraged to engage more online, to upgrade to smartphones and see how technology can benefit them. During lockdowns mobile devices have allowed residents to maintain contact with family and friends while maintaining their bubble.

The pandemic has made us all more reliant on technology to communicate with our loved ones. According to the latest research older adults are embracing modern technology more than ever before, with 77 percent of over-65s using the internet at home last year.

Although research studies are promising, there are still plenty of older people who feel intimidated by technology. This has meant the development of classes designed specifically for them. It’s important that they are able to pick up new technology at their own pace, and it is now more vital than ever that we continue to encourage seniors to engage with technology.

After all, we just don’t know how long lockdowns will go on for. In our upcoming issue of AgedPlus Village Business we will be taking to industry about tech for seniors. If you'd like to be included then please get in touch.

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