For the past year, CloudMass has been in the development of a tracking product that aims to allow dementia patients freedom while caregivers can track movement which reduces the stress for those caring for dementia patients.

Throughout 2019 and 2020 CloudMass has participated in the New Zealand Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) run by the Young Enterprise Trust. CloudMass has been a highlight Young Enterprise business and was selected as the 2019 Auckland East Regional Champion to compete at Young Enterprise Nationals in December 2019.

Their product Ara is basically a watch-style tracking device that has the potential application for tracking dementia patients. A miniature, real-time tracking device that tracks the location of patients at risk of wandering.

Currently, CloudMass is in the process of developing a custom-built application that will interface with the device and allow users the ability to track the patient's whereabouts in real-time, set up geofences and see the previous history of the user, as well as secondary features such as retirement village management. The wrist band has a unique locking mechanism to ensure the patient cannot forcefully remove the device without assistance from caregivers.

CloudMass is seeking support from PCBWAY for the production and assembly of the PCB boards associated with Ara in the final prototyping stages.