British company Veraco has developed a range of antimicrobial protective covers for touchpoints and touchscreens. The technology breaks down the biological makeup of dangerous pathogens, reducing microbial growth by up to 99.99%, as well as being effective against Human Coronavirus.

“Our products can provide a back-up alongside cleaning and other measures," said Steve Rogan from Veraco.

Hygiene around touchpoints will play a critical role where large numbers of people will be repeatedly touching the same points. It is well documented that viruses spread through droplets that land on surfaces, but so far solutions that address the actual surface have been overlooked in favour of hand sanitiser and cleaning. In between cleaning bacteria and virus droplets can build up and social distancing is often difficult in a agedcare setting. That’s what makes Veraco’s products such a potentially important tool, as they simply work on touch 24/7.

This technology is not new and has been used in critical care for some time, but now it has much broader uses. The benefits of solutions like this are that they are a visible reassurance to residents, staff and visitors that even if someone hasn’t sanitised their hands, there is still protection in place. This reassurance is critical to raising the confidence of residents and visitors alike.

“Our products can provide a back-up alongside cleaning and other measures and their visible nature can give residents and staff peace of mind that the surface they are touching is protected,” concluded Rogan.

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