The Library: Explosive Debut Historical Thriller Launched

city of vengence

City of Vengeance – D. V. Bishop
City of Vengeance is an explosive debut historical thriller by D. V. Bishop, set in Renaissance Florence. Winter, 1536 a prominent Jewish moneylender is murdered in his home, a
death with wide implications in a city powered by immense wealth.

Cesare Aldo, a former soldier and now an officer of the Renaissance city’s most feared criminal court is given four days to solve the murder: catch the killer before the feast of
Epiphany – or suffer the consequences. During his investigations, Aldo uncovers a plot to overthrow the volatile ruler of Florence, Alessandro de’ Medici. If the Duke falls, it will endanger the whole city. But a rival officer of the court is determined to expose details about Aldo’s private life that could lead to his ruin. Can Aldo stop the conspiracy before anyone else dies, or will his own secrets destroy him first?