Guide to a Happier, Healthier Brain

better brain

COVID-19 has shown up more than ever we are in a mental health crisis. Despite the billions of dollars spent on drug research, it seems that people are more depressed than ever before.

Here’s a thought, what if we are looking for solutions in the wrong place? Instead of treating mental illness with more and more medication how about, we feed our brains?

Julia Rucklidge, PhD is an award-winning Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Canterbury. Her TedX talk has been viewed over 1.7million times. Fellow author Bonnie Kaplan, PhD, is an award-winning Professor Emerita at the University of Calgary, Canada. Together, they have published over 300 peer-reviewed scientific papers. Many of these reveal the healing power of nutrients in the form of vitamins and minerals, and the surprising role they play in brain health.

Kaplan and Rucklidge share their groundbreaking research, explaining how to feed your brain to stabilise your mood, stave off depression, and make yourself more resilient to daily stress.

The Better Brain uncovers the hidden causes of the rising rates of depression and anxiety. From the decrease of nutrients in our soil to our over-reliance on processed food, and provides a comprehensive programme for better brain health, featuring:

The ideal diet for your brain: a Mediterranean-style diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

  • More than 30 delicious, mood-boosting recipes.
  • Crucial advice on when to supplement and how.

The Better Brain is the complete guide to a happier, healthier brain.