Meet Razza — Karma Drinks New Punky Pink Raspberry Lemonade

karma drinks
The wait is over, it’s time for everyone to meet Razza — Karma Drinks new punky pink Raspberry Lemonade who is set to become a favourite drink this summer.
Lemons get a sweet and tangy twist in Razza, who gets his feel-good flavour from organic lemons, natural raspberries and Fairtrade organic cane sugar, so he tastes good and does good too.
As an all-loving, do-gooding dude and frontman of Karma Drinks’ Raspberry Lemonade, Razza is the answer to Kiwi’s cries for pink and nods to a nostalgic New Zealand flavour. Plus, he’s served fresh in a sustainable glass bottle - how good.
Offering a fresh take on life and love in a year that certainly needs it, capturing the I-get-knocked-down-but-get-back-up-again spirit. And like the rest of the drinks in the Karma range, Razza is proudly Biogro certified organic, certified Fairtrade, and made right here in Aotearoa. He contains no preservatives, GMO’s or nasties.
Razza is fruity, he's fearless and he's ready to order right now. And just like all of the drinks in the Karma range, 1 percent of revenue from every bottle sold goes back to the Karma Foundation in Sierra Leone, so that with your help, they can do more good.