Ageing Population Market Driver for Incontinence Products

older adults

The latest research studies on the Incontinence Pads Market shows that worldwide the adult incontinence market is set to gain momentum.

Incontinence pads are absorbent pads that help people manage incontinence and are widely used in the health-care sector as a precaution against urinary incontinence and work in the same way as other absorbent items like nappies. The increasing prevalence of overactive bladder symptoms in older adults is boosting market demand.

Manufacturers are launching new products with features such as skin-friendly components, odour control, breathable technology and higher absorbency levels. The demand for incontinence products has in turn pushed the demand for incontinence undergarments and research into patient requirements is underpinning innovation to cater to this growing category.

New technologies are being implemented into new products with sensors and smart pads and undergarments to help prevent discomfort and accidental overflows.

All these factors are set to propel adult incontinence pad market growth in the coming years.

The market drivers are an increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and increasing ageing population with incontinence issues. The trends are for disposable products but there is an emerging awareness of the environmental impact with waste disposal which is the driver for some new innovation around the category.