Innovation on Bibs

Before we all say, they'd never wear one, consider the number of patients and residents that actually need a bib to prevent embarrassing food stains or accidents. These days the concept of a bib has come a long way from the old fashioned babies bibs, now there are scarves, bandannas, even faux shirt fronts all hiding the fact that they are actually bibs. These bibs look like a layer of clothing so that the elderly or disabled feel the same as other-abled individuals when sitting down to eat.

We all can imagine how embarrassing it would be to be told that you had to wear a bib at dinner because you couldn’t control your shaking hands or feed yourself. With a dignity bib eating with others without feeling embarrassed is easy when you have a little extra protection for clothing. It is a simple fact that making sure that the elderly feel comfortable eating means that they actually will eat and enjoy the experience.