Technology Helps Social Distancing

older adults and tech

The COVID-19 crisis has motivated many older individuals to push themselves to learn and expand their use of technologies for the first time.

With great uncertainty to when this global pandemic will end, residents are using this time to utilise technology to connect with family, learn and find new forms of entertainment. There has been a spike in technology use this year during what is now the new normal, which has greatly reduced the feelings of isolation and loneliness for residents.

Physical distancing for older adults may continue even after the initial few waves of COVID-19. This enables further opportunities for operators to provide a better range of technology to their residents and visitors.

Studies show more older adults than ever have adopted smartphones yet only a quarter of those over 65 say they feel confident using them, particularly online.

Some could always use smartphones or tablets and connect to the internet, yet some owned a device but didn’t use it or didn’t use it for more than making a phone call. These are the people who have a significant opportunity to open up their world and lessen the feelings of isolation.

So while some older adults are afraid they’ll live out their final years isolated and with limited mobility; others are embracing their new tech-savvy world and have gained a greater appreciation for tech opening up the ability to connect with family and friends.