Kiwis Love Their Phone Cameras

Canstar has announced the winner of the 2020 Most Satisfied Customers of Smartphones in New Zealand. More than 1340 Kiwis took part in the survey to discover the country’s favourite smartphone, with respondents pointing to usability, longevity, and the phone’s camera as key drivers of satisfaction.

And the winner is… Huawei!

Huawei’s focus on quality cameras and battery life are likely to have contributed to its popularity in this

category. Huawei's latest model of mobile phone, its P40 Pro 5G, includes the Ultra Vision Leica Quad

Camera, which offers four different lenses to capture different types of day, close-ups, or distance shots.

The four cameras include an ultra-vision camera, for extra light and clarity, a telephoto camera for extreme close-ups, an ultra-wide lens for low-light and time-lapse, and a depth-sensing camera for the popular out-of-focus bokeh effect.

Several respondents to the survey remarked on Huawei’s mobile phone cameras, calling them “amazing”, “breath-taking”, “awesome” and “fantastic” among other compliments. The phones also have technology to ensure rapid battery charging, and the ability to share battery power with friends through a reverse wireless charger.

“A good camera is now considered an essential offering of a modern smartphone,” noted Jose George, Canstar NZ General Manager.

“Kiwis expect to have top-end technology at their fingertips, and clearly appreciate Huawei’s innovations in this space. This award is well deserved, and we congratulate Huawei for its success.”

“After 15 years in the New Zealand market, Huawei is incredibly proud of the trust and connection we have with Kiwi customers,” said Huawei New Zealand Deputy CEO, Andrew Bowater.

“We have prioritised the features that matter to New Zealanders, such as battery life and the quality of the cameras in our Huawei P series devices. Huawei smartphones are also the only ones to offer Te Reo Maori as a full language option, which we think is pretty cool too.”

Respondents to Canstar’s survey also revealed their deep attachment to their phones, with 48 percent of Kiwis agreeing they feel anxious if they leave the house without their phone. The figure rises to 60 percent for the 18 to 29-year old demographic, dropping steadily as people get older. Of those over 70, only 30 percent feel anxious if they leave home without their phone. 63 percent of Kiwis said they check their phone within ten minutes after waking in the morning, with the figure rising to 77 percent for the 18- to 29-year-olds.

The results reflect Canstar’s recent survey around mobile providers, which shows how younger generations born into technology are more reliant on their phones. Over half of those aged 18 to 29-year say they feel naked without their phones, and more than 60 percent say they consume most of their media through their phones.

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