Rules of Alert Level 2 and 1 For Aged Care

During Alert Level 2 more visiting will be allowed, including general family visits and non-essential service visits. However, providers will take precautions and manage visiting in a controlled way to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission to residents and staff.

Measures for managing visits will include:

  • Visits may be limited to designated visitors.
  • There may be a limit on the number of designated visitors at one time, by appointment and sign in process. Check with the provider directly prior to organising a visit.
  • Lengths of visits and visiting areas will be determined at the discretion of the provider. Consideration will include the resident’s health, preference and request, and the number of appointments the facility already has.
  • Health screening and assessment of visitors will be completed before entering the facility.
  • Visitors must follow the Ministry of Health’s and the facility’s infection prevention and control measures, for example hand hygiene, physical distancing and appropriate use of PPE.

External contractors may be able to recommence visits for services, however these will managed by the provider who will consider the national Alert Level 2 framework, assess any COVID-19 risks and implement controlled measures to mitigate these risks.

During Alert Level 1 visiting ARC facilities will be permitted. Providers may continue to take some extra precautions to reduce the risk to the residents and staff. Contact the provider to discuss further. Note:

  • The national Alert Level 1 framework regarding physical distancing must be adhered to.
  • Basic hygiene practices remain in place.
  • Formal visiting hours may remain in place.

No visitors who are currently probable or confirmed cases of COVID-19, close contacts of COVID-19 cases, or have symptoms of COVID-19, will be granted entry to a facility during any Alert Level.

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