Coca-Cola Announces New Recipe

Coke Zero Sugar is announced for NZ

This month, Coca-Cola New Zealand is releasing its new beverage Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. The new recipe will simplify the brand's range, and replace Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola No Sugar.

The launch comes with a unique marketing campaign “best Coke ever?” as the recipe hopes to taste as similar to the Coco-Cola Classic as possible. It is also a part of Coca-Cola New Zealand’s commitment to reduce sugar throughout its entire portfolio by 20 percent by 2025.

“We know there continues to be a growing appetite for no sugar options, with one in two Coca-Cola’s purchased in New Zealand containing zero sugar. Kiwis are one of the biggest no sugar consumers globally and we’re committed to reducing sugar throughout our portfolio to provide delicious options for our customers.” Said Tracey Evans, Head of Marketing at Coca-Cola New Zealand.

The new drink will feature an updated packaging design that is being rolled out globally, to ensure consistency around the world. The recipe, design and campaign has already launched in Europe, Latin America, Asia, North America and Australia.