Diabetes NZ & Fitbit Step Up 250k

To mark Diabetes Action Month,  Diabetes NZ and Fitbit are launching the first-ever ‘Step up 250K Challenge’ to get Kiwis fit, active, and to fundraise for Diabetes NZ.  People are being asked to take 250,000 steps in November, or about 8,300 steps a day – a great goal for those who’ve had their exercise routines disrupted by the lockdown. The initiative aims to raise funds and promote healthy lifestyle habits, which have a positive effect on the prevention and management of diabetes.

The lives of 1 million Kiwis are impacted by diabetes; almost 280,000 Kiwis have diabetes and a further 100,000 people are predicted to have pre-diabetes. It’s a serious and life-threatening condition that is often misunderstood, and the high number of people affected means the personal and social costs are enormous.

Diabetes NZ is asking Kiwis to support the initiative by joining the challenge, getting fit, staying strong and raising funds for those whose lives are impacted by this debilitating disease. To take part, all people need is a Fitbit, or the free Fitbit app on your mobile phone, or a pedometer or step tracker. There’s no minimum amount to fundraise, and every little bit helps.

Chief Executive Officer for Diabetes NZ Heather Verry said "Our mission is to reduce diabetes and empower those affected by the disease to lead healthy active lives, we’d love everyone who is able to, to take part in the challenge and step up with friends, family and whanau over the month of November.”

Fitbit brand ambassador Adam Blair is taking part in the challenge and says, “I am really looking forward to the challenge as it is a fun reason to stay motivated, especially during lockdown! Also, it is a great way for me to keep fit.”

Anyone can register or take part at www.givealittle.co.nz/event/fitbit-250k-challenge-2021