Deep Clean with Clinisan

Clinisan, the safer and more convenient deep cleaning solution.  The innovative tablet disinfectant technology of Clinisan adds another level of protection to you and your staff.

All you have to do is measure the water required in the Spray Bottle or Dilutor Bottle and add one Clinisan tablet.  Once dissolved, spray, wipe, mop and soak as you would normally.  Clinisan in a hospital-grade and Coronavirus tested disinfectant to ensure efficacy.

Two key principles when cleaning are “High to Low” and “Clean to Dirty”.  Start high with walls, tables, high touch zones such as door handles, switches, counters, cupboards and work down to the floor, therefore any disturbed debris is cleaned last. Clean the cleanest areas first and finish in the bathroom and finally clean the toilet.

When deep cleaning, ensure to follow the Ministry of Health recommendations of PPE and remove PPE, wash hands and dispose of waste.  All the recommended methods can be found on the Ministry of Health website.

You will be served by our 100% vaccinated and surveillance tested team at or online at and if you have any questions call (07) 391 1313.  Once Deep clean is completed reduce used concentration to the recommended concentration for general use and continue using Clinisan every day.