Microsoft opens Donations and Discounts Program to Aged Care Providers

Microsoft has re-opened their donated and discounted licencing program to New Zealand aged care organisations.

Now, instead of paying full price, many organisations through the sector can save as much as 95% off RRP for the crucial Microsoft applications they use every day. Microsoft is utilised in almost every workplace worldwide. From popular applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, to some of their more technical products like servers and operating systems, you’re sure to have used a Microsoft product in your lifetime.

Microsoft’s offer will allow eligible aged care organisations to re-allocate thousands of dollars to support those in need of their services. And with digital transformation being a key focus for many, access to best-of-breed technology and modern systems becomes viable for those organisations.

Who is eligible?
Microsoft has opened the program to organisations with a primary focus on serving the aged community, including nursing facilities, senior citizen retirement communities, and group homes. Organisations that also provide home health care will be eligible for the program. Home health care is defined as services provided at home or a group residence such as skilled nursing care, skilled care services like physical and occupational therapy, speech-language therapy, and medical social services.

If your organisation does not fit with the above eligibility criteria, don’t worry, there are over 60 leading technology partners that donate and discount their products and services to the New Zealand not-for-profit sector.

How to access the program
To access donated and discounted Microsoft products, your organisation will need to be qualified by TechSoup New Zealand, which is the recognised administrator of donated and discounted technology for not-for-profits in New Zealand. TechSoup New Zealand’s program is free to join and access.

Click here to learn more about the Microsoft program and how to access other donated and discounted technology.

Who is TechSoup New Zealand?
TechSoup New Zealand is a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation committed to building stronger communities through technology. Since 2007, we’ve supported the New Zealand charity sector with donated and discounted IT products, online learning, and specialised consulting services.