New App Stores Memories of Loved Ones

echobox memory vault

Echobox Memory Vault is a new app created by Tim Roberts which captures and protects one's treasured life stories and experiences to pass on as a digital legacy. Inspired by the story of a UK widower who lost the voicemail recording of his late wife when the company had to reset the answerphone, Roberts was so moved he set out to create a better way to store memories.

"Everybody has loved ones, and everybody holds something dear," said Roberts.


So, he tried to create something that could encapsulate those things in a trusted device that's all about the user. Whilst being a free app, the premise is very different from other social media platforms. It's a secure site by invitation only to see what is stored. There are no likes, comments, or advertisements. The whole idea, Roberts said, is for friends and family to experience and share the user's memories and their experiences.

The app is also cloud-based, which means those stored memories are protected from fire, theft, flood, or loss.

Since Roberts partnered with his wife, Tannis Roberts, and launched Echobox in July 2020, it has become very popular with Roberts reporting that the app has just entered the health care sector for dementia care, senior care, and palliative care.

This innovative technology is becoming a revolutionary tool for recreational therapists and healthcare workers, as it helps individuals and families cope with depression, boredom, anxiety, and grief. With the ability to list one's favourite things, write descriptions, attach pictures and links, or make recordings, this app can capture the essence of an individual, which will create a tribute to one's life and a treasured gift for those left behind.

Echobox data can also be transferred from one device to another, enabling care workers to 'gift' a patient's memories to their family.

Most importantly, Echobox can support those suffering from loss. In a compilation of everything that person loved, the sound of their voice, favourite songs, or memories they recorded, families can remember their loved ones more intimately than ever before.

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