World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Sometimes, people don't respect their elders. Abuse towards elders is very real and happens most commonly at the hands of family members or close 'friends'. Age Concern uncovers approximately two cases of elderly abuse or neglect each day in New Zealand.

What is elderly abuse?

Elder abuse is not defined by gender, religion, ethnicity or income, and it can happen at home, in residential care, or even hospitals. There is also no one form of abuse, as it can range from

  • Psychological abuse, including threats or harassment
  • Financial abuse, ranging from illegal use of the elder's money or assets, to coercion
  • Physical abuse, including any personal harm or injury
  • Sexual abuse, including any non-consensual sexual activity


More than 75% of alleged abusers are family members.
More than half of alleged abusers are adult children or grandchildren.
Alleged abusers are just as likely to be female as male.

Get Help

If you have concerns about how an older person is being treated, contact the Elder Abuse Response Service. It's a free, 24-hour service.

Freephone: 0800 32 668 65

Text: 5032


If you think someone is in immediate danger, call 111 and ask for the Police.