Ryman Redraws Village Design After Public Upset

Ryman Healthcare plans to build a $240m retirement complex in central Christchurch, opposite Hagley Park. It would be the company’s biggest investment in Christchurch to date.

However, after neighbours complained to the city council that the complex would compromise sun and privacy, the commissioners decided to redraw the complex. Most complaints revolved around losing sun, daylight and privacy, the height of the buildings, the scale and density of the development, and how the complex would fit with the rest of the neighbourhood.

Commissioners David Mountfort and David Caldwell have decided the consent applications for the complex will be granted, but the plans must be modified first.

Ryman’s options were to lessen the complex’s visual dominance and shading, especially on the eastern side, or withdraw the consent applications.

David King, Ryman’s corporate affairs manager, is very happy they can go ahead and will make the required changes to secure consent as soon as possible.

King notes there is strong demand for retirement options in Christchurch and the complex will provide much-needed care, jobs, and homes for the local populace.