Survey Finds Seniors Tech Habits have Changed Post Covid-19

senior tech

Snug, the friendly little check in app for seniors, has the privilege of a close relationship with their community and surveyed them in November 2020 about their tech habits, including how those habits continue to change with the alert levels and lockdown/shelter-in-place orders for COVID-19.

Top Findings of how COVID-19 has changed habits:

  • 48 percent of respondents have ordered groceries online, and 63 percent of them are doing it for the first time because of quarantine

  • 47 percent of respondents have used a telehealth service

  • 36 percent of respondents have attended a religious service online

  • Zoom is the most popular video conferencing solution (70 percent), followed by Facetime (35 percent), and Facebook messenger (19 percent). However, while Skype (18 percent) is still more popular than Whatsapp (10 percent), its popularity has decreased since the last survey sent out in April

  • 59 percent of respondents using an exercise app are doing so because of the quarantine

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