As the co-founder of Ārepa, Angus Brown is leading the shift to nutrition that is natural and backed by neuroscience. After losing a family member to a brain-related illness, Brown's journey saw him research the impact that lifestyle has on the brain. So, Ārepa began.

"At Ārepa, we focus on plant-based, caffeine-free nootropics that are safe, has compelling evidence and are unique to New Zealand," said Brown.

In layman's terms, nootropics is a buzz word to describe compounds that can enhance cognition, ranging from natural to pharmaceutical with varying efficacy and safety levels. One of the most
common natural nootropics globally are coffee, and Ritalin for ADHD is a common pharmaceutical one.

"A high intake of flavonoids has been found in studies to lower the risk of Alzheimer's and dementia.

"Flavonoids give the vivid colours in fruits and vegetables, Ārepa’s unique formula contains a very rich source of these flavonoids sourced from unique to New Zealand plants such as
Neuroberry Blackcurrant and Pine Bark Extract.

"What excites me most is in early-stage research evidence is pointing towards the Ārepa formula could inhibit an enzyme that consumes dopamine and oxidizes in the brain. People with high
levels of this activity are often at risk of conditions like depression, dementia or Parkinson's. We have a large scale study underway looking into the neuroprotective effects of Ārepa beginning
this year. It’s a big financial commitment for us but we believe in the formula and its potential.”

Brown believes that there are three key pillars to boost brain health - diet, exercise and mindfulness. Globally, one in six people is affected by neurological concerns. Ārepa's goal is to bridge the gap between food and medicine. To feed the brain in the modern world and represent New Zealand's best on the world stage.

Currently, Ārepa has published one study and has five clinical trials underway investigating Ārepa's effects on cognitive performance and long term neurological health. Ārepa continues its
commitment to clinical research while expanding the business into Australia and the US.