Brisbane-based technology company eevi has released the outcomes of a leading piece of research that was undertaken with current and prospective residents of major Australian providers of retirement living.

The white paper titled Technology for Retirement Living: Using Design Sprint Principles to Develop a Customer-Driven Technology Roadmap describes the results of hundreds of hours of interviews and thousands of data points using design sprint methodology and the synthesis of this data into a roadmap for technology for independent living.

Founder and Managing Director of eevi, David Waldie, said that he was pleased to share the outcomes of the design sprint research in the hope it will assist providers in undertaking digital transformation.  

“In their final report, the Royal Commission into Aged Care supported the adoption of smart technology to support both care and functional needs, manage safety and support the quality of life of older people,” he said.  

“Recommendation 109, the universal adoption of pre-certified assistive and smart technologies into older people’s homes, funded by the Australian Government, supports the outcomes of our research.”

“If providers of independent living, home or community care are considering what technologies to implement, they could consider resident-focused design sprint research as outlined in our paper.  This approach not only develops a technology roadmap but also the basis of a strategy for implementation of assistive and smart technologies”.  

“In addition, valuable data gained during the process will support the business case and ensure that the provider chooses the right technologies, delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.”

The design sprint approach enabled eevi to identify key themes of importance to residents, the rapid testing of proposed technology solutions, validation of these solutions with residents and the development of a recommended product roadmap.  The approach was based upon the real needs and wishes of the provider and their customers.

The whitepaper is available for download via this link.