Pasifika Encouraged to get COVID-19 Vaccine

vaccine pasifika
The Pacific Nursing Section of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) is asking the Pasifika community to accept the COVID-19 vaccine and says the Government needs a special vaccination programme for Pasifika.

Pacific Nursing Section Chairperson Eseta Finau said the Health System is often poorly connected with Pasifika people, but she said Pasifika needed to know that research has shown that the vaccine is safe for them to take.

“Getting the vaccine is the best thing they can do to protect everyone from the virus. It’s an act of kindness and care.

“If Pasifika is unsure, they should talk to their Pasifika nurse or health worker or contact the Pacific Nursing Section of NZNO for advice.”

Ms Finau said Pasifika have specific health needs and questions and that the vaccine programme must be culturally appropriate.

“This special vaccination programme for Pasifika must be brought to them by ethnic-specific Pasifika health workers.

“It needs also to include home visits to the elderly and others who live remotely or can’t leave their homes for both the first and second doses of the vaccine.

“Pasifika are more likely to die if they contract the Covid-19 virus and the Government must acknowledge their special needs.”

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